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Quilting with Laura in the 21st Century

Updated: Jul 17, 2020

My favourite TV series is Little House on the Prairie. My children had bought me some seasons of Little House as presents for my birthday or for Christmas, but we could not find two seasons in stores. I went online to search for them and during my search, I found the Laura Ingalls Wilder Museum in Walnut Grove, Minnesota. From the museum, I ordered the two missing seasons and a book called Quilting with Laura by Linda Halpin. The book is a collection of blocks inspired by the Little House books.

In order to survive in the pioneer age, they had to make do with whatever was available. Inspired by this, I set a goal for this project to use only the materials I already had and not buy any new material. There were no quilt shops in Laura’s generation. There was only the General Store in town and only some fabrics were available there. They also had to put up with Mrs. Oleson, the owner of the store, and her daughter, who were mean to others, especially Laura Ingalls.

While I was working on this project, I wished I could have had other colours for certain blocks, but I stuck with my goal of using what I already had. The quilt turned out very nice using only scrap pieces. While Laura had to hand piece the blocks for quilts, I used my sewing machine to piece them together. It’s a 21st century quilt for the blocks of the pioneering time!


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