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Regal Tiger

Updated: Jul 17, 2020

In January 2009, I read the following class description from Sew-Sisters Quilt Shop:

Quilting vs. Cross Stitch In this class you are going to take your favourite Cross Stitch Pattern and turn it into a magnificent mosaic wall hanging. Spectacular and very achievable!

It looked very appealing and it was only two sections. When I signed up for the class, the only instruction was to find a Cross Stitch Pattern. It took me a while to find the Regal Tiger from DIMENSIONS CRAFT that I liked.

I found out that I had to use a one-inch square fabric for every square from the pattern. I realized that I had to find 37 different colors of fabric. After I got enough fabric, I started the project which included cutting over 30000 one-inch squares, ironing on the quilter’s grid, sewing the pieces, adding the backing, binding the edge, and coloring the whiskers and hair. I did a rough calculation; it took 23 meters of fabric and 19 meters of quilter’s grid. After one and a half years, I am happy to say I finished it and it looks like a tiger.

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