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Sim Chung And The River Dragon

Updated: Jul 17, 2020

Sim Chung is a brave girl. Her mother died and her blind father can only regain his sight if he can give the priest three hundred bags of rice. Along comes a fierce river dragon. A rich man offers three hundred bags of rice as a reward for marrying the monster so Sim Chung dives into the water to marry the river dragon. Her courage finally melts the dragon’s heart and he lets her return home. She floats to the surface of the water in a lotus flower and she searches for & finds her father. Her tears give him sight again. Also, a rich man has fallen in love with her and the family is saved from poverty. It is a beloved Korean folktale.

I based this quilt on the story of Sim Chung. I designed and painted the dragon, Sim Chung, lotus flower and the underwater creatures. Then, I applique to the underwater background to complete the wall hanging.


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